Find the best food in Rome

Rome, Italy

Who wouldn’t recommend Rome for food and wines. Amazing Pastas and yummy pizzas that don’t taste the same back home ( Canada)…and the wine and beers?…Mama Mia! One thing the waiters don’t tell you …although a couple of lovely Roman women did tell us…there is a fantastic deal around 5-7:00…most restaurants call it “happy hour”. A drink of your choice ( we had the most expensive wine on the menu) and all the tapas you can eat ( so much choice it boggled the mind) for 10 Euros! Look for the deals…they are out there, you just have to ask! Tell more

Find the best food in Osaka

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is colloquially known as the “food capital” of Japan, and for good reason. The abundance and variety of good, affordable food – especially sea food – is quite simply staggering, as long as you’re willing to take the plunge and eat as the locals do. Especially around the Dotonbori area, restaurants are generally tourist-friendly (by Japanese standards), and usually have an English menu readily available. Tell more

Find the best food in New Orleans

New Orleans, USA

Go eat at the Praline Connection! It gets packed at night but we visited after lunch time. Our waiters during that afternoon shift were great! they were very courteous, shared stories (and a few jokes) were very patient as we were unsure of what menu items to try. Tell more

Find the best food in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

Lygon street is the bomb for Italian … just don’t be afraid to be rude to the front-of-house people as they can be quite pushy and rude! The food is worth it though.

What a choice! The many & varied restaurants & cafes & if you want to cook up a storm yourself the selection from Victorian Markets is first class. Tell more

Find the best food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Definitely go to the night markets and enjoy the street food. With families take the tram to the peak and visit wild fire restaurant. Try swimming in Kowloon park. We arranged a half day city tour which was great to see lots of the city.
New garden hostel is a place to stay in hk if your budget is tight. The staff are accommodating. This is the 8th i am in hk and Will visit hk again and again. Most especially the happiest place on earth which ia disneyland. Tell more
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