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Best places in the world for friendly locals

Find the best friendly locals in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Taxi drives from the airport are always great. The drivers chat the whole journey to your hotel and are very knowledgeable on the city. You get lots of information and recommendations on what to do in Dublin. Its like your first impression of Dublin people. The people are so up for conversation and you feel like everyone is your friend. No social barriers, the conversation just flows. Tell more

Find the best friendly locals in Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom

After listening to folk session in White Star pub, was given loads of advice on places to visit and other good ale pubs to try. Told loads about history of Liverpool. Really glad they told us about the library – well worth a visit, great contrast of modern and old in one building. Tell more

Find the best friendly locals in Glasgow

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow in the mid twentieth century was the most densely populated city in Europe. The tenement buildings forced people to live in close proximity. Despite being labelled, or perhaps because of the label “multiple deprivation” folks have a great sense of humor. Now the population has been dispersed to new towns and swathes of tenements have been razed but people still retain the humor and friendliness. (The city still also retains its reputation for violence so be careful where you wander late at night). Tell more

Find the best friendly locals in Tbilisi City

Tbilisi City, Georgia

It’s a great city with amazing nature. But it needs some time to be well prepared for tourism. It was a bit hard to get to our destinations because the taxi drivers only speak russian and georgian with no clue in english.
The city was very interesting with a lot to see, the food was very tasty, a lot of good restaurants around the city, easy to find. Tell more

Find the best friendly locals in Al Madinah

Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Madina is a holy city. People go there for spiritual reasons and want to see high levels of morality honesty and commitment. It’s a beautiful city with excellent infrastructure and facilities.
Holy Sites holding significance for Muslims was the best thing. I mostly traveled by booking via Careem inside the city and the Careem Captains were the best I have seen which makes me assume that people of Medina are humble and nice. Tell more
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